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Green and Gold Game 2017

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Mission Statement
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The mission statement of the Lane Tech Basketball Program is one steeped in family values-We are Family. As a family, we have a set of mantras that we believe in, as well as a series of other concepts. One of our team mantras is to “be a great teammate; you attract what you are.” We make sure that this message resonates throughout our program and that it is something that we address in our individual meetings, team meetings, film sessions, and team get togethers.  Some of our other mantras are "fear your comfort zone", "toughness is doing what is right", and to have a "team ego".

We are a selective enrollment school, which means that we have students that come from all sides of Chicago and from all different cultures, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Our players compete day in and day out with each other, however, they also accept each other and learn from each other.  It is really something special to watch. 

We provide our student athletes with life-long lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, ethical behavior, perseverance, commitment, loyalty, self-discipline, accomplishment, cooperation, healthy living, responsibility, and leadership skills.  The players that leave our program never truly leave, they merely move on to the next stage of their lives.  They are, however, always a part of our Family. Our alum always come back for games, constantly text the current players and coaches well wishes, and still wear their Lane Tech basketball gear everywhere they go.  It is a testament to the experience that they had while playing for Lane and it is a testament to our program’s goal of teaching life lessons through the game that we all love and share together.  

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